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The world is radically changing, driven by global megatrends. Whether it is climate change, resource scarcity crisis, food insecurity, disruptive technologies, changing demographics or rising geopolitical uncertainty, these megatrends have a massive impact in the business environment. They are likely to fundamentally change the way that companies will operate over the coming decades. 

As a matter of fact, CREATIO has been managing sustainability to improve processes, pursue growth, and add value to our business. In the true sense of the word, sustainability means ‘the capacity to endure’. In business, that means we are in it for the long haul. It means we are setting up and running a business that will be resilient and will thrive in the long term. 

Many companies are actively integrating sustainability principles into their businesses, from increasing the resilience of supply chains to setting a lower emission target. At CREATIO, as we set ourselves on the path towards operational excellence and ‘winning with purpose’, we understand that all changes start small. While incorporating sustainable strategies in our business mindset, we hope that you have noticed our ‘small yet impactful actions’ throughout the year.

Company anniversary: Big impact starts small 

Single-use plastic straw ban was among the biggest trends in 2019; we hope to initiate a change in habit that can later make a bigger impact on combating the issue that our planet faces.


Mid-autumn festival gift set: happiness from the little thing

This environmentally friendly gift set contains our utmost definition of joy for Mid-Autumn festival, delivering happiness via the little and basic things.


New year gift set: seeking New Year’s ikigai

We prioritise sustainability in sourcing and packing our own bundle of happiness, from the handmade crafts to the fairtrade snacks to accommodate the New Year celebration.