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Start-up’s helpful mentor


2020 is expected to be another year when we can witness another booming growth of the start-up environment in Vietnam based on the success of many billion-dollar deals in 2019. The figures and reports are positively showing that the start-up market in Vietnam is entering its stage of flourishing, but for a fresh company to be able to make a breakthrough is not a story that can easily become a reality. Among the conditions that potential start-ups would need for its strong development, besides favorable policies from the State and helpful support of business incubators, training and guidance in terms of communication, media and marketing from experienced units is also essential.

For that reason, one of the big goals that we aim for this year is to strengthen the connection with young entrepreneurs and businesses to support, mentor, and improve their communication skills with the media, their marketing strategy, brand image and confidence. This training action should not only be implemented as a situational solution, but should become a regular application to formulate a standard procedure for start-ups, laying the foundations for rapid but sustainable development of businesses with huge potential ahead.


Effective policy advocates


In this era of information explosion, Government's policies or business strategies, when put into practice, require effective assistance from the media to effectively reach the public audience. In order to change any social perspective and have an ability of advocacy, it requires a media company to have a deep and sensitive understanding, up-to-date analysis and data, linguistic intelligence ... to provide the public with a multifaceted, informative and scientific perspective.

2020 will be the year that the CREATIO team wants to work towards bigger goals, campaigns that we can act as effective partners of customers to bring overall efficiency in all segments. From social listening, news monitoring or analyzing media activity, these works shall be the basis for higher-level tasks such as content strategy advice on foundation, crisis management or organizing special advocacy events,... The ability to implement a strategic overall project will be the clearest proof for our value after 10 years operating on the market.