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Corporate souvenirs are commonly referred to as gifts presented on behalf of a company or a brand to its employees, customers and partners. Unlike other gifts, the definition of corporate means that the gift made in a certain way reflects the image goals of the brand.


While we’re all for reducing consumerism for the sake of it, corporate gifting is a great way to communicate heartfelt appreciation for your clients, employees and partners. Sustainable corporate gifting goes one step further by also supporting social and environmentally-responsible brands. As the planet continues to battle against depleting natural resources and the climate crisis, it’s more important than ever for businesses to ensure that their economic success is not at the expense of its social and environmental responsibilities. And sustainable corporate gifting is a little green step that organisations, big or small, can all take.


There are many reasons why sustainable corporate gifts should be an area of interest to executives, here are some: 


1/ Reinforcing Business Values

As the age-old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. Opting for sustainable alternatives when selecting gifts reflects the values of your business, and demonstrates how the company makes conscious decisions to support sustainability where possible. It shows that these values are not just empty words, but that you put your money where your mouth is. 


2/ Improved Business Perception


Given that issues of social and environmental responsibility have never been more pressing, businesses need to align their interests with that of their consumers and the public. Gifting products made with eco-friendly materials and socially responsible processes communicate that your business is relevant and aware of the global issues currently in play.


3/ Customer Trust and Loyalty


Trust needs to be earned. Making the small yet powerful decision of choosing to support sustainable brands for corporate gifts, showcases your business’s active commitment to corporate social responsibility. Customers who see the value in being socially and environmentally responsible will be more likely to remain loyal to your business. It’s also a bonus if you know the individual preferences of your intended recipients so you can send a personalised gift!


4/ Exclusivity

When using eco-friendly gifts, it’s highly unlikely that your competitors will be producing exactly the same content. This allows for your company to really make a mark in your area of operation, and for clients and customers to be able to immediately associate your brand with a specific product. This is great for potential business growth, as well as an effective way to show your company’s USP.


This was highlighted in a recent Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) study, which revealed that businesses can prosper by “avoiding imitation” to “discover unique market positions”, showing the international need for unique business concepts, such as sustainable gifts.


5/ Recipient-focused


Another benefit of the often personalised nature of sustainable products is the way they allow for gift-giving to be focused on your clients’ and customers’ needs and interests. As these are often niche gifts, they really allow companies to send a strong message of understanding and connection with their patrons, while reinforcing solid brand identity.

Tet 2019 Giftset made by CREATIO

This improves relations as well as making your company more memorable, as opposed to receiving another generic present. This is especially likely if the gift you give is practical and sustainable too.


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