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Often what distinguishes a successful business from its less successful competitors is its customer service. How can we ensure that our customer service stands out from the crowd?


Some businesses give far too little thought to their customer service, but Japanese businesses have raised customer service to an art, which they call Omotenashi. Omotenashi involves looking at every product, service, and customer interaction from the customer’s point of view. CREATIO embraces the Omotenashi philosophy as an approach to customer service which builds closer relationships with customers and creates a strong competitive advantage.

Omotenashi has three basic aims:


• Deliver whole-hearted service

• Exceed customer expectations

• Build a sense of community with the customer


Although much has been written about Omotenashi, it is difficult to define a set of rules for it because so much depends on the unique nature of each business-customer relationship. One common theme of Omotenashi, however, is the cultivation of a sense of equal partnership between business and customer, a partnership characterized by goodwill in even the smallest action and a feeling that every service provided to the customer is motivated by that goodwill and not by the thought of legal obligation or any financial consideration.  

Central to CREATIO’s business philosophy is a belief that “great service is the best customer magnet”. American sales and marketing expert Perry Marshall has observed that 80% of a business’s sales come from 20% of its customers. Loyal, repeat customers are customers who so enjoy the quality of service they receive from a business that they want a long-term relationship there. In the spirit of Omotenashi CREATIO’s entire staff works to build and maintain the kind of caring, devoted partnership with each client that allows us to understand and empathize with the client’s needs as a close friend would. This leads to better advice, better solutions and, we hope, a trusted long-term relationship.