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Đọc bài giới thiệu Gói Dịch vụ bằng tiếng Việt


Joining hands to support the community and businesses during this economic crisis, Creatio would like to introduce our video marketing package for NGOs, NPOs, and businesses - an effective tool that is proven to build highly-performing touchpoints to help you restore your brand awareness and reconnect with your audiences during and after the pandemic.


With this package, you are entitled to a free of charge concept artwork including campaign conceptualisation, tagline/slogan, key visual, themed avatar, banner for social media and banner set for website and digital campaign as our act of kindness to support your behavioural change communications activities from NGOs and NPOs during this time.   

We believe this is what a mature, well-connected, one-stop-shop consulting agency would do to give back to their community during such economic downturns. This act shows our fixer ability and down-to-earth mindset, offering a proof to our ongoing Corporate Social Responsibility and our long-term commitment to Sustainability.


Contact us for further information on this complimentary package.