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Have you ever wondered how the digital media landscape in Vietnam looks like, and what is currently happening in the social media world? We did the reading for you, and here is what we believe worth taking notes. 




An user’ profile varies from time to time; yet this is what Vietnamese social media users have in common. From the latest report from We are Social and Hootsuite (2020, nationwide, Vietnam has approximately 68 million Internet users, of which 65 million are active on social media. At a high rate of Internet penetration, around 93% of users are online on their smartphones. 



How are we spending our time online? 

Looking at the most popular platforms on social media, we can see the dominance of video-generated content apps such as YouTube, Facebook, or TikTok.



The proportion of online content activities and the tendency to prefer platforms where videos can be viewed and uploaded shows that this trend persists from 2019. 


(Source: Vietnam Digital 2020, We are Social & Hootsuite, 2020)





On average, it is counted that we are exposed to 8,500 various advertisements daily. How to make sure your promoted content is seen among these 8,500 pieces? We have listed down some key tips relating to social media content that may benefit your marketing efforts. 


If 2019 was the year to see the steady growth of digital marketing,  2020 is expected to be the year of video marketing, with the most favourable platforms for promotion being YouTube and Facebook. The engagement rate on social media format of content confirms the preference of seeing video-related content; for instance, the engagement rate for a video post is more than doubled compared to the overall average rate on Facebook. These platforms attract a multi-generation audience, whereas TikTok and Instagram are used predominantly by the younger generation. 


Substantially, social media are predicted to be the main digital channel of brands for many years to come, as research has shown that up to 51% audience will make a purchase decision after seeing ads on social networks. 


Another key takeaway from recent research shows that content formats matter in the race of getting the brand message across all platforms. With the rise of TikTok and Instagram’s IGTV in 2019, a new type of video content is born: shorter and more interactive. As the amount of time spent by users on online content is decreasing with these “fast-food” short videos,   This adds another dimension to video format in 2020 - shorter but more concise and refined.