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CSR Campaign “Drive Home Safe with Bridgestone”


Bridgestone Vietnam


2016 – 2017

In his book "The Caring Economy" of Toby Usnik, an experienced  communications and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) specialist, has concluded that companies that pay attention to CSR tend to be more successful than those that do not. Among them, one of our strategic and long-term partners, Bridgestone Vietnam emerged as a typical example for this conclusion. From 2016 to 2017, CREATIO was honored to accompany Bridgestone Vietnam  in its CSR campaign "Drive Home Safe with Bridgestone”.


A CSR campaign from the heart 


Although the goal of the campaign is to increase brand identity as well as to promote sales of the Bridgestone tires, the campaign has not aimed directly at the audiences who have the power to choose and to buy the product but focused on the end-users: interstate drivers (otherwise known as "over the road" or "long-haul" drivers). This is also the group of people that are vulnerable and exposed to multiple risks of traffic accidents. According to statistics of the National Traffic Safety Committee, each year, there are more than 6400 accidents involving drowsy driving. This clearly shows a situation where drivers are not concerned about their health and safety during the trip. In this context, Bridgestone Vietnam wished to improve this situation through its own CSR campaign.


Often, receiving ideas on CSR activities,  many businesses are impatient questioning the direct benefits of such initiatives and may not be convinced. However, this was not how Bridgestone Vietnam responded to our consultancy. With its persistent and effective strategy, which is taking care of every single stakeholder involved in both the value and supply chain, Bridgestone Vietnam has inspired CREATIO about the philosophy of its CSR campaign: designing activities and products from a caring and compassionate mind to reach the hearts of its customers.


The joy of delivering meaningful activities


With the criteria of placing the safety and benefits of drivers on top of everything, CREATIO has consulted and delivered a wide range of meaningful activities, including:

1.     Organised appreciation events: performing arts and organising entertaining games with prizes.

2.     Gave away the safety kits to drivers.

3.     Organised a writing competition for family members of the drivers.


Figure 1. A fun game to de-stress for drivers.



Figure 2. Mr. Hiroyuki Saito – Former general director of Bridgestone Vietnam (on the right) is giving the safety kit to a driver.


With the mission of bringing safety and joy to as many long-haul drivers as possible across the country, the campaign took place in 14 provinces (including 10 provinces in the Mekong Delta) with 22 appreciation events. Apart from enjoying lively performances from local artists, the drivers were also involved in various fun games as well as trying out 'karaoke-ing' with attractive gifts. Watching all the smiles that brightened up tanned and scarred faces of the drivers, we felt really warm inside. We hope that these little activities can somewhat help to dissolve the anxiety and pressures that their everyday jobs bring.

Figure 3. The campaign has given safety and sent fun to more than 1.200 drivers.


In addition to the events, we also offered safety kits for a lot of drivers, which includes illuminated decal stickers that help prevent accidents during the night and a handbook "Drive a long way - Come home safe”. Initially, the distribution of the illuminated decal stickers encountered some difficulties when approaching the drivers because they thought that we were distributing ads flyers. Thanks to a professional team of distributors that well explained the functions of the stickers, a lot of drivers have been successfully convinced and there have been up to 12.000 vehicles equipped with protective decal stickers.

Figure 4. The dream team of distributors for Bridgestone Vietnam.


In the kit, the Handbook contains a lot of information and tips to help make drivers’ long trips less tiring, such as a checklist of things to do for a safe journey ahead, a map of stops across the way from the North to the South, or some exercises to reboot drivers’ energy.


The campaign not only focused on the drivers but also creates a space for their families who are looking forward to their safe return every day. We held a writing contest for the children of  these long-haul drivers with the subject: Writing letters to Dad. On such tough roads, the awaiting eyes of the kids at home must be the greatest motivation of the drivers to complete their journey until the end, returning home safe and sound. For that reason, the idea would like to evoke the self-consciousness and responsibility for their own safety and that of others who also are part of the same traffic.


Through this campaign, CREATIO wishes to contribute to creating positive impacts of the society and inspire other businesses who are still struggling not knowing how to design a successful CSR campaign that are both meaningful and leaving a good impression in the public’s eyes. We believe that a good CSR program should be a campaign that is made from the heart.