Creative Solution Consultancy Co., LTD


Walk the Talk! Sustainable fashion show


Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands


April 2019


As part of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands’ official visit to Vietnam in April 2019, the Embassy of the Netherlands and Hanoi Municipal People’s Committee co-organised the Walk the Talk sustainable fashion show, which was an opportunity to introduce the unique aspects of traditional Dutch fashion to Vietnamese people, and at the same time emphasise the importance of sustainable textile manufacturing and equality in this industry. CREATIO was honoured to be the main event management agency for this show. 

This is easily one of the most interesting events that we have catered. From our first discussions with the Embassy and the People’s Committee, it was always meant to create a casual, lively and enjoyable atmosphere where participants can celebrate friendship and cultural integration. On the other hand, the event also welcomed participation from VIPs including the Prime Ministers of the two countries, coupled by the fact that it carried important messages regarding green manufacturing, safety and equality in the workplace. As a result, our team established clear goals that struck a balance between these criteria:
Design key visuals that catch eyes and fit the overall theme; and decorate the event space accordingly
Devise and implement a consistent flow of event activities which are optimised for open space, while maintaining the safety of participants
Maintain constant and effective communication with key stakeholders
Plan and be ready for contingencies 


The eventual all-round success of the event had been decided long before it started. Organising an event at the open space surrounding King Ly Thai To Memorial, a prominent central location, meant that CREATIO needed to engage in active dialogues with the client and the People’s Committees in order to make sure that all event activities follow specific guidelines, as well as convey the intended concept. 

In terms of design and aesthetics, we implemented a consistent style guide for decorations that centered on sustainability, supplemented by the use of recycled materials. The audiences also heard a loud and clear message on textile workplace equality with catwalk performances from people of minority groups. As part of the project planning, a number of side scenarios were designed and analysed along with the main event flow to ensure everything was accounted for down to even the smallest details, which proved to be extremely rewarding in the end. 

This is what makes this one of our most special projects go beyond its tangible outcomes. Throughout the event lifecycle, all of us felt a constant drive towards doing our best as individuals and as a team, because the success of the event had important policy implications that should inform positive future changes. That mentality of breaking down barriers and working towards equality is exactly why we are in this business.